Mixed Cerebral Palsy

Mixed Cerebral Palsy

Characteristics of both Spastic and Extrapyramidal CP

Children with a mixed form of CP may experience signs associated with both extrapyramidal and spastic types. Often these children have suffered an injury that impacted large areas of their brain. In mixed CP, a brain injury may involve the basal ganglia, cerebellum, and cortex. Subcortical disruption is common. This may lead to muscle spasticity--spastic CP- in some areas of the body as well as muscle interference--extrapyramidal (CP)-- in others. In some cases, characteristics of ataxic cerebral palsy are also present.

As with all types of CP, brain damage that leads to the development of the condition can result from a wide variety of sources. In a number of cases, the medical challenges that emerge after a brain injury are caused by medical malpractice. Medical investigators, like Dr. Davis, may be able to determine if your child's CP developed as the result of brain damage caused by medical malpractice. Medical errors may lead to the development of mixed CP in your child and may result in the following physical and mental challenges:

The above represent only some of the most common challenges related to mixed CP. The severity and type of disabilities can vary widely from child to child in all forms of CP. Furthermore, some people suffer only motor function disability while their intellectual and cognitive ability is only mildly affected or not affected at all. But people with CP also suffer from conditions that are not directly caused by the injury to the brain. For instance, a child with CP may be unable to use one of their limbs which may lead to muscle atrophy. The atrophy is not directly caused by the initial brain damage but is the result of physical conditions created by associated disorders. In other cases, after years of frustration at their inability to control their body, a child with CP may develop emotional and psychological struggles. The challenges with CP can be addressed and many of them can be overcome, but there is no cure for CP and confronting its difficulties requires a community of support.

A Legal and Medical Team on your Side

Your child's condition may not have been caused by medical malpractice. And even if it was, proving it can be extremely challenging. Identifying the area of the brain that was injured may not be difficult but determining that this injury was caused by medical error is complicated.

At the law firm Michels & Lew, we focus on these types of challenging cases. We have helped our clients recover more than $1 billion in compensation for the injuries they sustained due to someone else's negligence. Our attorneys and our on-staff medical doctor will investigate your case to determine if legal action should be taken against those who may have harmed your child. If we do represent you in litigation, you can be confident: we are victorious through settlement or judgment in over 95% of the cases we take.

Regardless of the type of condition your child has developed, if their health challenges are the result of medical error, you may be entitled to financial support from the negligent party. Because mixed CP can lead to such serious disabilities, the financial costs of caring for your child may be astronomical. Your child may need surgery, adaptive medical devices, pain management medication, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other support for the rest of their life. The first step in pursuing compensation is to contact Dr. Davis for a free on-line evaluation. Whether you have grounds for a lawsuit or not, we may be able to offer much needed answers about your child's cerebral palsy.