Medical Error and Cerebral Palsy

Medical Error and Cerebral Palsy

Was your Child's Condition Caused by Medical Malpractice?

As the in-house doctor and lead medical investigator at the law firm Michels & Lew for the last 15 years, Bradford S. Davis, M.D. has analyzed and evaluated hundreds of cerebral palsy cases. In a significant number, he has seen evidence of medical malpractice. Medical records detailing the period before, during and immediately after birth often offer explanations for how your child suffered a brain injury.

When a child's brain development is disrupted in any way, the results can lead to cerebral palsy or other impairments. In far too many cases, medical error led to irreversible brain damage immediately before, during or immediately after birth. This delicate time is often called the perinatal period.

If your child has CP, there is a possibility that a medical error was the cause. The legal team at Michels & Lew may be able to recover millions of dollars for you and your family. Our team offers rigorous and sophisticated representation and has a hard-earned reputation for excellence. Dr. Davis and his colleagues in the medical community will analyze and evaluate the medical details of your case. If medical error is identified, we will present evidence to demonstrate your need for compensation. Our goal will be to obtain the maximum amount of support to guarantee the highest-quality of care for your child. We are successful in more than 95% of the cases that we accept and we have recovered over $1 billion dollars for our clients.

Start pursuing the justice you deserve and the compensation you need by contacting Dr. Davis for a free online consultation.

What Medical Errors and Delivery Mistakes Lead to Cerebral Palsy?

All children with CP should be evaluated by an independent medical investigator. Too often a medical team that delivered a child may not reveal that a serious mistake was made. Certain errors may be difficult for people without medical expertise to recognize. Some of the types of errors are quite obvious while others can only be determined after intensive analysis of medical records. Possible errors that may cause a child to develop brain damage:

With our review by highly-qualified medical investigators, the clues that indicate medical malpractice can be identified. We have the medical training and experience to pore through complex medical records and find answers. There may be multiple parties that contributed to the injuries your child suffered: a hospital, individual doctors, a nurse, an entire medical team or other health care providers. Some of these injuries can lead to life-long complications and enormous medical bills. Contact us so that we can evaluate your case, investigate your situation, collect the appropriate medical records and help you find answers. If medical malpractice is to blame for your child's disabilities, we may be able to secure millions of dollars for you in compensation.