Overview of Common Cerebral Palsy Treatments

Overview of Common Cerebral Palsy Treatments

A Wide Variety of Options to Aid your Child

From surgeries to improve mobility and assistive technologies to assist with communication and comfort, a wide variety of options exist to aid your child with cerebral palsy (CP). There are also many occupational and physical therapy options to help a child with CP achieve their full potential and to live a happy and full life. But because the condition has such a wide range of symptoms, each case is unique and each child must have treatment that is tailored to his/her particular needs.

The ways such brain injuries can reveal themselves in behaviors, disabilities, and challenges is incredibly diverse. Though the types of CP can be organized into four general categories, even within these categories, the variations can be extreme. For instance, two children can be diagnosed with a spastic form of the condition and one child may suffer seizures, have serious cognitive and intellectual abnormalities and struggle with speech and hearing problems. Another child with a similar diagnosis may have communication problems but may not suffer with epileptic seizures and may have no intellectual impairment at all.

A child with CP will likely need many different types of therapy and treatment throughout his/her life. Treatments may include:

In addition, psychological counseling, music and dance therapy, specialized nutrition plans, adapted vehicles, therapy pools, therapy animals, and other options do exist to help your child. In the last several decades there have been tremendous improvements in the ways that a person with CP can not only survive but also thrive with the right care and support. Obtaining such care and support, unfortunately, can be out of reach for many families due to the expense. But if your child's condition was caused by medical malpractice, our team of lawyers and medical experts may be able to help you. We have been focusing on this overlap of the legal and medical fields for decades; we have relationships with leading pediatric neurologists, therapists and other specialists to assist you in getting the right care for your loved one. If you suspect medical malpractice caused your child's disability or you are unsure why your child developed CP, reach out to the team at Michels & Lew for a free case evaluation.

How do you Obtain the Right Treatment?

The first step is receiving an accurate diagnosis. After that, you deserve the truth. If you believe that the cause of your child's injury was medical malpractice, we may be able to help you find that truth. Lead medical investigator Bradley S. Davis, MD can analyze your child's medical records and other vital evidence to determine if your child's condition could have been prevented. If medical error caused the injury that lead to CP, you should be compensated so you can provide the best possible care for your injured son or daughter.