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iPhone App Helps Connect People Who Suffer from Cerebral Palsy

Monday, August 04, 2014

Often, patients who suffer from cerebral palsy find that they have very few avenues to connect with others who suffer from the same condition. Social media doesn't always work well, because it is a public forum, and when you have questions that may be personal or embarrassing in nature, you really don't want to post on Facebook where your friends can also see them. Public fora are also embarrassing for the same reason.

Now, persons who suffer from cerebral palsy can have an online community of their own that is based on an app. The app is called Candor CP, and has been developed by a person who suffers from cerebral palsy. The developer was looking for a place where patients could connect in privacy. He has suffered from cerebral palsy, and for years found it difficult to connect with people who also suffer from cerebral palsy, and with whom he could share common experiences with the condition.

He wanted a private forum where people could connect without being identified, and specifically wanted a forum where people would not have to use their real name names and contact information. In other words, he wanted a place where people did not have to worry about being identified personally.

The Candor CP app allows users to chat with others anonymously. It allows open, safe communication, and a person with CP can chat about personal or embarrassing issues that he probably would not feel as comfortable discussing on Facebook. Users can sign in after creating an account, using just their e-mail address and password. There are no names or avatars necessary. The app would be especially beneficial for young adults who have CP, and are looking to connect with other people of their age who suffer from the condition.