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Cerebral Palsy Blog

Researchers Announce Breakthrough in Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis

Friday, June 20, 2014

A team of Australian researchers have exciting news. They say that they will soon present what they believe is a sensational breakthrough in the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral palsy.

According to them, the new tool that they have developed allows doctors to identify whether the child is suffering from cerebral palsy much earlier. Typically, diagnosis is made months after the baby is born, and treatment begins months later too. According to news reports, some hospitals in Australia are currently already using the method to diagnose cerebral palsy in newborn infants. The Cerebral Palsy Alliance is also calling for the use of such techniques in clinics across the world.

Not only does the tool help in diagnosing the condition earlier, but also helps parents use motor learning approaches as the best ways to optimize the brain that has been damaged as a result of oxygen deprivation at birth. They believe that if these techniques and approaches are used very early in the condition, they may be able to help reduce the severity of the condition over the long-term.

They believe that cerebral palsy can be accurately diagnosed around the three-month mark, with 95% accuracy using the tool. Babies can be screened for cerebral palsy and identifying the babies who are most at risk of cerebral palsy will help stage an early intervention.

Cerebral palsy is a condition that very often occurs, as a result of oxygen deprivation at birth or just before birth. A number of other factors may also be at work. For instance, maternal health history, maternal health during pregnancy, and conditions during labor, may also play a role in causing the condition.